On May 6, 2012, Val & Kathy Draper, both age 63, Quincy Draper, age 20 months (Val and Kathy’s granddaughter), and Kassidy Johnson (another granddaughter), age 11, were involved in an automobile accident near Deer Creek Reservoir.  Despite extensive injuries, Kassidy survived and still works hard to continue her recovery from the accident.  Val & Kathy both passed away on that day.  Quincy passed away the following day, May 7th.                     

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These tragic losses have left a hole in our hearts.  As a family, we have decided to form an organization that can help others, which is what our loved ones would want us to do.  They would want us to give back to the community they dearly loved, and the community that took such great care of their family.

Memorial Day is a fitting day for an event that will help us remember those who have passed on by helping others still here.  So many of us have gone through loss in our lives. Our hope is that this event will brighten your day and give hope for the future. We can let our loved ones’ memories and legacies LIVE ON as we give back.  We can try to move forward with our lives and LIVE ON.

We want to hear more stories.  Please leave a message below to tell us about who you are honoring with this event.